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"This book is amazing--life changing!" Felice Gerwitz

Flow Through Vessel
How to Master the Habit
of Letting God
Flow Through You
by Marnie Swedberg

Garbage in, garbage out. Oxygen in, carbon dioxide out. Thoughts in, beliefs lived out. All this and more is happening without your conscious awareness, and it's affecting your life. How would you like to have God flow His goodness through you instead of being an unwitting recipient of everyone else's junk? It's possible, and it's available to you! In FLOW THROUGH VESSEL, Marnie Swedberg shares stories, analogies, practical applications, and quizzes to challenge your preconceived ideas about God and His plan for your life. You'll emerge equipped to live supernaturally, empowered by God, and funded with His resources. Along the way you'll discover the benefits of being a flow through vessel for God, the hidden reasons why you may hesitate taking God up on this amazing offer, the exact steps you need to take in order to get hooked up properly, and how to develop the habit of enjoying life as a flow through vessel for God.

"Unblock your faith; take it from a trickle to a gusher
with this captivating book." Deb Potts

Flow Through Vessel

254-page paperback
Including Life Application
Study Guide

Flow Through Vessel

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Including Life Application
Study Guide

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The book is divided into twelve chapters, followed by a life application study guide, and ending with appendices. In these pages you will:
  • Explore the benefits of being a flow through vessel for God.
  • Read the real-life stories of five master flow through vessels to see how they walked through tough times, able to emerge full of faith, hope, and joy.
  • Relieve any confusion about God and life by learning to see things from His perspective.
  • Reduce trauma with the “4R Response,” a simple process that yields immediate relief regardless of the intensity of the stress.
  • Dream big, audacious dreams, as you begin to understand how God sees you, what He doesn’t expect of you, and how easy He’s made it for you to succeed.
  • Break free and help others break habits and addictions, as well—gracefully, with God.
  • Increase your trust as you uncover the surprising reasons you may have found it difficult to have faith in God before now.
  • Discover why the Bible is important and believable, and why God loves it when you ask “why” questions.
  • Gain confidence to ask big. Of course, God must sometimes say “No” or “Wait,” but as you explore His perspective, your faith will grow, and your life will change.
  • Understand how God heals. Investigate three specific processes Jesus used to heal blind men and the four ways God still heals people today.
  • Dig deeper with the Life Application Study Guide.

When God flows His love through us, it’s breathtaking. When that love flows from us to others, it’s rewarding. The fun part is that God cannot flow anything through you unless He first flows it to you. If God chooses to flow joy to someone through you, you have to experience joy first. Does someone need money? You have to have it in order to give it. It’s a beautiful thing!